Opened in 2022, Squires Loft Diamond Creek is beautifully set in the renovated old Fire Station, honouring its past with polished concrete walls adorned with historical photographs. Conveniently located in Diamond Creek and easily accessible from nearby suburbs like Eltham and Greensborough, this venue upholds the esteemed reputation of the Squires Loft Franchise.

Known for exceptional service and a cosy ambience, we also offer a private dining room, perfect for various occasions. Guests can savour high-quality, expertly aged beef, cooked to perfection on our custom grills, along with unique offerings such as world-famous ribs and diverse sauces.

Squires Loft Diamond Creek delivers a distinctive dining experience in a spectacular setting.

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“The secret to our success not only relies on our quality, exceptional service and spot-on cooking standards but also in our steak basting.”

Proudly Operating 17 Steakhouses Throughout Australia

Squires Loft proudly maintains a dedicated production facility that crafts all our proprietary food products to the highest standards. We offer a diverse menu that includes many gluten-free options, encompassing meats, our signature baste, and a variety of sauces.
Additionally, our menu features alternative dining choices beyond steaks, such as seafood and vegetarian dishes, catering to a range of dietary preferences.

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